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Dental Fillings are the most popular and most economical method for restoring teeth and do not involve a dental laboratory. There are many types of materials that can be used for fillings, such as amalgam and gold. We are an amalgam free office and all fillings placed with be of composite resin. Composite fillings are a popular choice because they do not contain mercury, match the color of teeth, and look natural. Composites are not only used to restore decayed teeth, but they may also be used for minor chipped teeth, stained teeth, and teeth that have been worn down along the gums.

Fillings can be done in one visit. Once topical anesthesia is applied, the dentist will begin removing decay from the tooth ad shape the tooth to receive the filling. When all the decay is removed and tooth has been prepped, the dentist or RDAEF2 will fill the tooth. Once the filling has been placed, the filling will be shaped and the tooth will be polished to look as natural as possible.

After first receiving a filling, many patients become temporarily sensitive to hot and cold foods. When the tooth becomes used to having the filling, the sensitivity will subside, usually within a couple of weeks.

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